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“Freestyle Soccer can improve any Soccer kid in 5 minutes”



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Kids evolve because they’re willing to look, listen, ask and learn. They learn to believe and achieve. They train to move and improve. They play to know and grow. They grow to solve and evolve.

Anyone who teaches kids can learn about them and encourage their talent, intelligence, energy, character,initiative, drive, creativity and confidence.

Everything in this book was discovered, developed,improvised or adapted by Freestyle Soccer kids in the last 40 years in Canberra, Australia.

All kids are different.
All kids have talent.
All kids make mistakes.
All kids can practise.
All kids can improve.
All kids need is a ball.


About Freestyle Soccer

Freestyle Soccer is a learning program developed by Freestyle kids to improve all Soccer kids. A learning program is not a coaching system. A coaching system teaches and develops everything we know about Soccer skills so that teams can win games. A learning program discovers and develops everything we don’t know about the natural skills that all kids have so that every player can achieve their true potential.

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