Freestyle Soccer is a learning program developed by Freestyle kids to improve all Soccer kids.


There are thousands of Aussie kids who practice new skills every day without any supervision or correction by well-meaning adults.



If we teach Soccer kids everything we know, we can develop their technical skills. If we learn everything we don’t know about Soccer kids, we can discover and develop their natural skills.



We all have eyes, ears, mouths and minds. We just need to open them. We need to look, listen, ask questions and learn.



The freestyle goal is to do more, do it better, do it smarter, do it faster, and do it now.


I hate juggling!

Juggling has got nothing to do with playing soccer. MORE..

Soccerates says…

Ordinary training produces ordinary players. Extra training produces extraordinary players. A one footed player doesn’t have a leg to stand on. MORE..

Make the call

Near Post, Far Post, Left Wing, Right Wing, Cut it, Back, Penalty Spot. MORE..