Soccerates Says:

If you look, listen, ask & learn you can your mind.
Ordinary training produces ordinary players. Extra training produces extraordinary players.
A one footed player doesn’t have a leg to stand on.
How good you are depends on how bad you want it.
It’s better to be different than indifferent.
At some stage the older generation stop directing, correcting and protecting the younger generation and start listening to them.
You need to move if you want to improve, you need to believe if you want to achieve.
Kids are a natural source of energy that can be easily activated
If we learn more, we can teach more. If we teach a lot more, we can learn a lot more.
The best we can be is challenged. The worst we can be is satisfied.
A lot of kids are very straightforward. They kick and run straight forward. Freestyle kids look at the game from a different angle.
How much we learn about players depends on what we look at and what we look for.
The quality of coaching is not measured by what we teach but by what players learn. They’re not always the same thing.
We can teach the same every day or learn something new every day
The heaviest moments require the lightest touch.
Don’t look too far for the key to your game, it lies within you.
A trained mind sees what it’s trained to see. An open mind observes and learns.
It’s nice if coaches know what to do but a lot better if players know.
Make the best of the skills you have before worrying about the skills you don’t have.
A team coach provides the best theory. An individual coach provides the best practice.
Treat other players the way you want them to treat you.
Players don’t actually tackle their opponent. They tackle the ball.
Integrated circuit training is fitness with a ball
Force is the default option when players lack the skill.
The problem with a perfect system is that it doesn’t leave much room for improvement.
In Soccer, space is the last frontier and players need to discover it.
We keep doing the same but innovation just isn’t the same anymore.
Kids don’t need to player soccer to have a ball.

Ball control is just like riding a bike.
Difficult to learn standing still.
Easier to learn if you use both feet.
It takes 40 years to improve any kid in 5 minutes.
Freestyle Soccer is where kids come to their senses so they can look, listen, think for themselves and get a fee for the ball.